Monday, May 22, 2017

Research Assignments Without Thesis Statements: Unleash the Power of Questions

This is first of all a list of a links that I want to share as part of a presentation today. Commentary will be added later.

In research assignments, students often get stuck on the idea of supporting a preconceived thesis, or worse, fall into mechanically reporting bits of information they have collected on a topic. They struggle with launching a genuine inquiry. This session will explore  the Question Formulation Technique as a way to teach questioning, not only as a start for research but also as a driver for continued learning.

My slides

Video capture (unedited, formal presentation begins at about 4:50)

Experiencing the QFT

How Can Medical Students Learn to Ask Better Questions?

DRAFT: Question Formulation Activity for online Information Literacy Tutorial

Question-Discover-Use: The Research Process

Learning Goals for Information Literacy

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (ACRL)