Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Books are for use: Why Isn't There Just One Citation Style?

Citation style is part of the conventions used by a community of practice. My teaching of citations always emphasizes that this is part of how scholars communicate with others in their field.

Books are for use: Why Isn't There Just One Citation Style?

Now in print

"The 3 Directions: Situated Information Literacy" is now published in the November 2009 issue of College and Research Libraries.

ACRL members can view the article here. After six months, sometime in mid-2010, everybody can.

When it becomes available in Wilson OmniFile Full Text, I will post the link for that version embedded with our campus authentication prefix.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Infusing Information Literacy Throughout the Curriculum

Materials in support of the SUNY Oswego Information Literacy Infusion project.

The Lake Effect Research Challenge

A basic level information literacy tutorial.

The 3 Directions Model and This Blog

This blog will used as a supplement to my article:

Nichols, J. T. (Forthcoming 2009, November). The 3 Directions: Situated Information Literacy. College and Research Libraries Preprints. Retrieved May 19, 2009, from

The article describes the Model and the research that it is based on, and reports on the application of the 3 Directions to information literacy education at SUNY Oswego. Posts in this blog will include more information about the research, and about the use of the Model in information literacy programs.